Penetration testing services

Identify security flaws with penetration testing services

We specialize in web and mobile applications, network, and social engineering pen testing, providing a comprehensive view of security posture. By conducting realistic and in-depth simulations of real-world attacks, we provide a proactive approach to identifying vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Our security experts provide full vulnerability coverage, business logic flaw identification, system hardening recommendations, and detailed reports. We identify business logic flaws and provide system hardening recommendations, as well as uncover misconfigured APIs, ports, and more.

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Application pentest types
Black Box

At TechMagic, we conduct black box testing in life-like conditions, emulating an external attacker with limited knowledge of network and no information on security policies or network structure. This classic approach helps us identify potential vulnerabilities by attempting to gain unauthorized access or interfere with web application users.

Gray Box

Our gray box testing combines black-and-white box techniques, simulating an attacker with partial knowledge of your network or application. We check for vulnerability to insider threats using information such as user login details, network overview, or architecture diagrams.

White Box

With white box testing, we use admin rights and access to server configuration files, database encryption principles, source code, or architecture documentation to identify potential points of weakness. This in-depth approach helps us uncover hidden vulnerabilities and detection rates in the target environment and application source code.

Penetration testing services we offer:
Web penetration testing

Our web penetration testing service provides a comprehensive analysis of web applications' security posture. We conduct thorough security assessments to uncover vulnerabilities and simulate real-world cyber attacks to identify potential weaknesses, including identity management and authentication, access control and authorization, input handling and validation, privacy issues and sensitive data leakage, business logic testing, and client-side and browser-based security flaws. Our experienced team composes a detailed penetration testing report with the results of the conducted attacks, including a useful Proof of Concept (PoC) that demonstrates the real impact of each issue. Our tactical recommendations give effective solutions to eliminate each vulnerability.

Mobile penetration testing

TechMagic conducts in-depth assessments of mobile applications, including open-source intelligence gathering, architecture analysis, and vulnerability discovery to assess application's risk level. Our experts follow widely known guides and methodologies such as the OWASP MSTG guide to uncover potential issues such as insecure data storage, communication, and authentication. Our assessments include checks from OWASP Mobile Top 10 list like insufficient cryptography, insecure data storage, communication, and authentication. Safeguard users' data with mobile penetration testing services.

Social engineering pentesting

We evaluate the security awareness of employees and the effectiveness of the security awareness program. Our experts analyze publicly available information about organizations and simulate social engineering attacks to detect gaps in current security awareness training. Our assessment includes a detailed analysis of all publicly available information related to company, an evaluation of implemented security best practices, and a comprehensive report with the results of the conducted attacks. We also provide recommendations for targeted security awareness training to address gaps in the current security awareness program.

Network penetration testing

TechMagic security experts thoroughly evaluate internal systems for exploitable vulnerabilities that may expose data or unauthorized access to the outside world. We simulate cyber attacks by system identification, enumeration, vulnerability discovery, exploitation, privilege escalation, and lateral movement. Through manual testing and proprietary tooling, we mimic current threats, including pivoting, post-exploitation, and data compromise, to provide a detailed penetration testing report with results of conducted attacks, proof of concepts (PoC) that demonstrate the real impact of issues, and tactical recommendations. We also assess internal security controls, firewall rules, and user access limitations to uncover insider threat risks.

Penetration testing process
Step 1

Information gathering, permissions agreement

1 week
Step 2
Penetration test

Executing penetration test

1-3 weeks
Step 3

Preparing a comprehensive review of found vulnerabilities with PoCs and steps to reproduce them

2-3 days
Step 4
Results overview

Presenting in-depth overview of found vulnerabilities focusing both on business impact and technical aspects

1-2 days
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Tools that we use
Burp Suite
Burp Suite
Kali Linux
Kali Linux
Parrot Security
Parrot Security
Benefits of penetration testing
Reducing the risk of a breach within the system infrastructure

Penetration testing helps identify vulnerabilities in the system infrastructure that could be exploited by attackers, allowing the company to address these weaknesses and reduce the risk of a breach.

Saving costs

Penetration testing can be a cost-effective way to identify security weaknesses and address them before a data breach occurs, potentially saving the company the significant costs associated with a breach, including financial losses, legal liabilities, and reputational damage.

Identifying gaps in processes and procedures

A penetration test can reveal gaps in processes and procedures that could leave the organization vulnerable to attack. By addressing these gaps, organizations can strengthen their security posture and ensure appropriate measures are in place to prevent future attacks.

Strengthening cybersecurity posture

By conducting regular penetration testing, organizations can continuously evaluate and improve their cybersecurity posture, staying ahead of emerging threats and ensuring effective security measures.

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Why TechMagic
Certified security specialists

With certifications PenTest+, CEH, eJPT and eWPT, our team possesses a deep expertise and technical skills to identify vulnerabilities and simulate real-world attacks.

Security and compliance

We help our clients ensure that their systems and applications are secure and compliant, mitigating the risk of data breaches, financial losses, and legal liabilities.

Responsibility & integrity

We adhere to strict ethical standards and ensure that all testing activities are conducted in a legal, ethical, and transparent manner. We take a responsible approach to test, providing comprehensive reports and recommendations to help our clients improve their security posture effectively and efficiently.

Proven track record

We have a proven history of 10+ successful projects, helping clients identify and remediate security weaknesses to protect their critical assets. Our approach includes using real-world threat actor tools to create attacks that expose vulnerabilities within environment.

How does TechMagic ensure the quality of its penetration testing services?

We use methodologies, up-to-date tools, and techniques to conduct thorough assessments, validate findings, and provide comprehensive reports with actionable recommendations for improvement.

How does TechMagic work with clients during the penetration testing services?

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals and tailor our testing methodologies accordingly. Our team maintains regular communication with clients, providing progress updates, discussing findings, and offering guidance on remediation measures to ensure a smooth and effective engagement.

How does TechMagic handle security and confidentiality for its penetration testing services?

We sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with clients, and all testing activities are conducted in a secure and controlled environment to safeguard sensitive information.

What is TechMagic's pricing model for penetration testing services?

Our pricing model - fixed price is transparent, as we provide detailed quotes based on the scope of work, the complexity of testing, and other relevant factors.

What's a Network Pentest?

Network Penetration Testing is a security service that simulates a real-world attack on a customer's network infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and assess the network's security posture. Our Network Penetration Testing services are designed to mimic both internal and external attackers attempting to penetrate your network.

How many engineers perform pentest?

Usually, 2-3 people are assigned: Technical Delivery Manager, and 1-2 Security Engineers.

How often do we hear back from your team during the pentest?

We set up Slack channels or any other suitable communication channel to communicate regularly. If we find a critical vulnerability, we don’t wait till the end of the pentest but notify the client’s team immediately.

What product/industries TechMagic have conducted penetration testing for?

We work with customers under strict compliance regulations from Fintech, Health Tech private industries, and the public sector.

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