How To Leverage The Opportunities Of AWS For Startups? Downloadable Guide!

Roman Kolodiy
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How To Leverage The Opportunities Of AWS For Startups? Downloadable Guide!

We have a lot of experience building startups on AWS. So we know that at first the amount of services and opportunities might be overwhelming. We’re here to help you sort this through.

Understanding how complicated it can be to start your journey with AWS for Startups because of its versatility, we’ve gathered, structured and simplified information about all you need to know from the beginning.

We systemise and put in right order all the steps for a startup founder to get the most from AWS services, tools and programs.

Free guide to AWS for Startups

In this guide, we’ll help you understand the potential opportunities that AWS services usage can bring to your startup and how you can take those opportunities to drive growth and success in 2022 and beyond.

Reasons to use AWS for startups

Research from GWI reveals that the typical global internet user now spends almost 7 hours per day using the internet across various devices. With so much time invested online, these consumers expect slick and easy-to-navigate experiences with the products they use, as research demonstrates:

  • 70% of users will abandon an app if it takes too long to load
  • 65% of users say a poor mobile experience negatively impacts their opinion of the brand
  • 52% of users are frustrated by overall app performance.

These figures means startups need to build better, faster-scaling apps, with bigger capacity, and more resources.

Scalability is crucial because, even if startups are successful in their initial fundraising and marketing discovery phases, they can often fail if they don’t have the digital infrastructure in place to handle the flow of data this initial success will bring.

So scalability and user experience are two of the key challenges facing startups in 2022. And those are two main reasons why startup founders choose to build their app on AWS.

Topics, covered in this guide

We covered such topics as:

  • Startup Programs at AWS
  • Best Tools
  • Databases and compute solutions
  • Security options
  • etc.

Also, we've collected a list of valuable AWS contacts to connect on LinkedIn for the latest updates on recent opportunities.  All this information we put in a handy PDF format.

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