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5 Reasons to Use Node.js for Building Your eCommerce Web Application

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5 Reasons to Use Node.js for Building Your eCommerce Web Application

Check out a comprehensive guide on building a Node.js ecommerce application ✅ Look through the main reasons for using Node.js for eCommerce web development.

Eager to build an eCommerce app, but you are still hesitating what software development technology to use? With the increasing popularity of web apps, developing a multi-featured and user-friendly eCommerce web app for your business has become an urgent need.

Just look at the statistics, and you’ll see the market share of leading e-commerce software platforms worldwide. So far, Squarespace Online Stores is the most popular eCommerce software platform in 2021 (its market share is 23.51%). That’s why it is safe to say that the behavior of consumers has changed over the past few years. So if you run your business online and wish to grow it, building an eCommerce app might be a good idea. And this is where you face the question of what platform to use. In this insightful post, we’ll dive deeper into this theme and review the main reasons to use Node.js for building an eCommerce web application for your business.

Main eCommerce Challenges

challenges in ecommerce projects

In the past few years, the eCommerce sector has become more competitive than ever before. Customers have become more demanding, and to stay ahead of the competition, business owners need to invest in building and improving existing web solutions. The modern eCommerce sector faces numerous challenges.

Let’s get down to them in greater detail:

  • Building a multi-featured, complex, and scalable web app is harder than ever before because the market is highly competitive. Plus, it requires upfront capital and work.
  • Nothing is open-sourced anymore. The modern software development market is constantly evolving, and it has become quite challenging to find experts with the right set of skills and decent experience in this niche.
  • Many coding languages don’t support back-end and front-end. Moreover, most of these languages can’t boast enough plugins that can boost their functionality.
  • Some of the best programming frameworks and languages are heavily weighted, which can make your future eCommerce app hard to load and sluggish.
  • Agility challenge. As agility is the capability of a business to introduce enhancements and deploy new content, in the eCommerce business, it is identified as one of the most important initiatives. However, many companies think it is quite challenging to introduce new features to user needs because of the inefficiency of the existing system.
  • Being consistent. Consistency is the main element for building a working omnichannel strategy. Modern customers use different platforms to search for items, and understanding their interactions across various touchpoints and building a consistent customer experience is one of the biggest eCommerce challenges.

To tackle all these challenges, you need to have a top-notch web app built on the best technology. And this is where you go for Node.js app development services! So far, Node.js importance for eCommerce can’t be overestimated. You know that any eCommerce business is contingent on different elements such as logistics, payment gateways, suppliers, and many other features. Node.js is the first choice in this case that allows programmers to build high-performance web apps.

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5 Reasons to Use Node.js for Building Your eCommerce Web Application

Why use Node.js in eCommerce development? Can this tool tackle all software development challenges? What are the fundamental advantages of using Node.js for an eCommerce web app? Let’s get down to this aspect and review the main reasons to opt for Node.js as the best tool for building a powerful and scalable eCommerce app.

It’s a cross-platform solution

One of the greatest benefits of Node.js is that this solution is cross-platform compatible. It runs on any platform and can easily provide you with the best output. On top of that, there’s no need for developers to spend their precious time learning various programming languages because the same language is used both on front-end and back-end.

Fast development process

As we have already mentioned, Node.js is cross-platform compatible. That’s why it saves time for programmers and allows them to build an app quicker. Furthermore, one of the greatest benefits of using Node.js for eCommerce web app development is that this technology features many open-source libraries. Therefore, there’s no need to code some features as they are already available.

High scalability

Thanks to the event-driven design and non-blocking I/O, this tool infuses scalability into the app. As a result, an online eCommerce store built with Node.js will always be scalable.

Good performance

The importance of Node.js in eCommerce can’t be overestimated as this tool guarantees optimum performance for your app compared to other technologies. The thing is that the code of Node.js is interpreted by the V8 JavaScript engine from Google, which translates JS code to more powerful machine code quickly and easily.

A big pool of developers

One of the main reasons why Node.js is the best technology to build an eCommerce app is that it’s an open-source platform. That’s why there are many programmers out there that are eager to work with this tech stack. And this surely makes the project development faster.

Still thinking why Node.js is the best platform for eCommerce development? So far, Node.js is one of the most powerful platforms that can be used for building eCommerce apps. Many of the top eCommerce platforms are built on Node.js and have millions of users. For example, Uber, PayPal, Groupon, eBay, etc. Overall, it is tough to find the best way to build a Node.js eCommerce web app. We, at TechMagic, do our utmost to meet the requirements of our customers. We offer an individualized approach to each client and always consider the requirements of a certain project.

6 Steps to Create an eCommerce Web Application with Node.js

how to build ecommerce app with node.js

We’ve just reviewed the main pros of Node.js eCommerce web app development. Now, let’s get down to the main steps to follow while building an eCommerce web app with Node.js.

#1 Creating a list of product specifications

This is the main formula for success. If you are going to invest in building an eCommerce web app for your business needs, you have to analyze the market, review your competitors’ apps, and define the main goals of your future app. What features should you add? What goals should it follow? You need to create a detailed list of product specifications, and in doing so, you can be doubly sure that a software development team responsible for this project understands your requirements well enough.

#2 UX development

When searching for a dev team that will build an app for you, you need to make sure that besides programmers, a chosen team also includes UX designers. Also, sometimes, Node.js may be used to serve front-end assets, which surely makes the development easier and saves time.

The main goal of UX development is to enhance the overall experience of users when they interact with an eCommerce app. Simply put, it creates the basic skeleton of your future app.

#3 Frontend and Backend development

Node.js can be used for both frontend development services and backend development services of eCommerce web apps. It’s a robust runtime environment that enables coders to launch both frontend and backend using JavaScript. The thing is that this tool comes with unique APIs that support HTTP requests and a set of server-side options. And this is one of the main reasons for using this Node.js environment for eCommerce.

Some programmers still believe that Node.js can’t be used to write an internal codebase. However, this technology reputes this opinion. So far, Node.js is used by both frontend and backend programmers, which provides a more effective working environment and eliminates the necessity to explain how some options work and what some codes mean. Plus, small projects can easily be handled by one full-stack team, accelerating the development process and saving time and money.

#4 Testing

You can’t launch a product until it is tested properly. The key objective of this stage is to test your app, find and fix all the bugs. In doing so, you can be doubly sure that your app is perfect and can go to the Apple Store or Google PlayMarket.

#5 Product launch

Now is the time to launch your app. The main thing that keeps your eCommerce web app going forward is the way it responds to users. After your product is successfully launched, you need to be ready for innovative updates to make it better. Don’t forget about the Google ads and social media promotions to attract users.

#6 Technical support

Launching the app is not the final stage. You also need to have a tech support group that will be responsible for handling all the problems that will occur.

5 Trend Features To Implement in Your Node.js App

After reviewing all the benefits of using Node.js for developing an eCommerce web app and the main steps to follow for building an app, now is the time to analyze the trend features to add to your Node.js app.

AI chatbots

It’s a piece of software that pursues one goal — to simulate a conversation with a natural language through messaging applications. AI chatbots are available 24/7, and this improves user response rate, saves money, time, and guarantees customer satisfaction.

It’s a synthetic voice that can turn text into speech. Thanks to the rapid development of AI and ML, voice generation technology has grown from robotic intonations to more natural speech. This feature allows users to choose a language, and the application will automatically understand it.

Push notifications

It’s a popular method of communication between a user and an app. Their main goal is to communicate information with app users in real-time. No matter whether your device is locked or unlocked, push notifications are sent instantly and notify users about current promos, delivery status, etc.

One-click payments

This feature is also called one-click buying. It’s a well-known technique that enables users to make online purchases faster. It works in the following way — when a user enters the card details, they can pay for the services or products with a single click on each website using SecurionPayCheckout.


The main goal of app personalization is to provide user experiences that are customized to their needs. It is mostly used to enhance customer satisfaction, marketing results, digital sales conversion, etc.

Our Successful Projects

Well, why create your eCommerce app with Node.js? As you can see, it’s one of the best technologies available on the market. In many cases, it can give you a higher performance as compared to other technologies. Moreover, it’s a stable solution for building eCommerce stores.


We, at TechMagic, have a solid reputation in this area. Recently, we participated in the creation of very complex app for Fabric - a headless e-commerce platform that gives brands and retailers tools for building any type of buying experience at scale. Our team utilised the entire JavaScript stack with Node.js on the backend, React on the frontend. The project had a solid microservice architecture with many Serverless components onboard.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, the benefits of Node.js for eCommerce are endless. So far, it’s one of the best platforms that can be used for building eCommerce apps. However, Node.js is a hot skill, and finding professional programmers with decent experience in this area can take time. Moreover, a lot depends on the conditions of your local labor market. Besides, this team needs to manage the project end-to-end. TechMagic can help you tackle that challenge. If you are currently searching for competent developers, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. No matter how complex your project is, we’ll surely help bring your ideas to life!

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