Why we use React.js in the development?

Why we use React.js in the development?

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We are glad to announce that TechMagic has joined the list of react.careers - the open source directory of companies using React.js. On this happy note, we would like to introduce the library and point out why we are working with React.

![alt](/content/images/2016/01/react.png) ###What is React?

React is a Javascript library developed by Facebook, and it is used to build Instagram.com.  Its aim is to allow developers to create fast user interfaces easily. The main concept of React.js is virtual DOM. It is a tree based on JavaScript objects created with React that mimics a DOM tree. It does the least amount of DOM manipulation possible in order to keep your components up to date.

Check out the Pete Hunt talk introducing the framework, and overviewing three controversial topics: Throwing out the notion of templates and building views with JavaScript, "re-rendering" your entire application when your data changes, and a lightweight implementation of DOM and events.

Firstly, React was deployed by Facebook in 2011 and 2012. Instagram was written entirely in React.According to JavaScript analytics service Libscore, React is currently being used on the homepages of Netflix, Imgur, Bleacher Report, Feedly, Airbnb, SeatGeek, HelloSign, and others.

Why React?

Being a part of JavaScript language, it has lots of advantages:

  • Easily scalable;
  • Super productive: uses a single language on Server side, Client-side and Mobile;
  • Works great for teams, strongly enforcing UI and workflow patterns;
  • UI code is readable and maintainable;
  • World leading companies have already use React and other JS technologies.
“We use React.js because it is a new standard in JavaScript development. It promotes an alternative to traditional javascript frameworks approach for data and state management, which makes better performance and clean architecture. Now we are building the strongest JavaScript community in Europe. We use it’s newest frameworks to build the most compatible products”, said Andrew Kuzmych, CTO and Head of web competence group at TechMagic.

According to the recruiting report on tech hiring trends for 2015, Monster specifically called out JavaScript as a must-have skill, partly thanks to the growth of web-based apps for the enterprise. We believe that its frameworks can make a revolution in software development world. So, keep calm and learn JavaScript!:)

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