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Maintain your AWS infrastructure secure and use all benefits of being Well-Architected on AWS.
What is an AWS Infrastructure Audit from TechMagic:

We run specialised assessments of workloads against the best practices of AWS. Mainly, we utilise Well-Architected Framework within this offering. Running a well-engineered AWS Well-Architected review helps to ensure a healthy, secure, and highly reliable AWS infrastructure. It identifies potential design problems and recommends enhancing security, performance, maintainability, and scalability. Well-architected reviews identify and remediate architectural deficiencies caused by human error, operational procedures, or inadequate documentation. To protect your cloud data from stealth attacks, you need to analyse the root causes of a hypothetical breach and identify weak spots in your cloud solution.

What does it cover
The Well-Architected Review is a systematic approach to evaluating AWS architectures and can help you identify and fix potential issues with your environment. The actionable and valuable thing about the Well-Architected Framework is that it provides a consistent approach to evaluating systems against best practices.With a Well-Architected review, one of our certified engineers reviews your AWS workload against the Well-Architected pillars:
Operational excellence

Run and monitor systems to offer corporate value and ongoing process and procedure improvement.


To satisfy expectations, focus on fault tolerance and the capacity to recover fast from errors.

Performance efficiency

Utilise IT and computing resources effectively and choose the appropriate computing, storage, and networking where needed.

Cost optimisation

Architect for the obvious costs: power, bandwidth, and storage by minimising the infrastructure required to run your application.

How it works
Intro session
Intro session
Before AWS Infrastructure Audit, we discuss your plans and needs from a technical perspective.
Well-architected review sessions
Well-architected review sessions
typically 2 sessions, 1-2 hours each
We have two remote sessions, typically for 1-2 hours, where our AWS experts perform with your engineering team to perform deep-dive assessments of identified workloads.
Well-architected review results presentation
Well-architected review results presentation
Based on the review, we gather and present a report with technical or process improvement recommendations based on your business needs.
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Creating intelligent platform to scale eCommerce ROI

Check how we helped Acorn-i to develop a full-serverless Node.js app on AWS for heavy data analytics.

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Our clients who use serverless architecture
Our global partnerships
In 2017, we became a Certified AWS Consulting Partner. With paying great attention to professional accreditations for our engineering units, we are moving to the next tiers and activities with AWS.
In 2018, we became an Official Serverless Dev Partner. Due to a big number of serverless app development projects and community, we are happy to be a trusted contributor to the framework.
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