15 FinTech Conferences and Events Worth Attending in 2024

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15 FinTech Conferences and Events Worth Attending in 2024

When an uncertain economic climate is marked by inflation and financial challenges, the intersection of technology and finance becomes more crucial than ever. Fintech can drive productivity gains and enable individuals and enterprises to thrive during a recession.

According to McKinsey's research, revenues in the fintech industry are expected to increase nearly 3 times faster than those in the traditional banking sector from 2023 to 2028. This staggering growth signifies fintech companies' significant role in shaping the financial landscape worldwide. As a result, attending fintech conferences and events has become essential for networking.

To help you navigate the wealth of upcoming fintech events in 2024, we have curated a list of essential conferences and gatherings you won't want to miss. There are much more financial technology conferences all around the world, but in our list you can find the one that worth attending in 2024. These events offer diverse opportunities to learn, network, and stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in financial technology. Let's keep pace and dive into the world of FinTech together. Events are arranged chronologically by date. Don't forget to mark the most interesting dates in your calendar.

Stockholm FinTech Week

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Stockholm Fintech Week, Sweden's foremost annual FinTech conference, is set to take place at Sergel Hub this year. Involving more than 1200 participants across 10 tracks, it stands as the largest FinTech conference in Sweden. This event offers a unique opportunity to engage with the fintech community not only from Northern Europe but beyond.

Experts will speak on topics like Regulations, Embedded Finance, PayTech, RegTech, Combating Financial Crime, Fintech Globally, Impact FinTech, Web3, artificial intelligence in FinTech and Cybersecurity.

Finovate Europe

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Finovate Europe is an annual conference that showcases cutting-edge financial technology innovations. It provides a platform for fintech firms to present their latest solutions and advancements through a short, punchy, and informative live presentation. This year, you can expect 35+ cutting edge fintech demos without sales pitches or slides.

Also It is the perfect place to network face-to-face with the fintech community of 1,000 senior decision-makers, including 500+ representatives from banks and other financial institutions including HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, Citi, Bank of America, JP Morgan Asset Management, BNP Paribas, Commerzbank & more.

Also, FinovateFall offers the Startup Booster Program for early-stage startups looking for insights and investor connections, as well as a Leadership Program that grants financial institution executives free access to the event. If you are interested in such support, we highly recommend you to visit this fintech conference.

Blockchain Dubai Exhibition & Summit

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Blockchain Dubai Exhibition & Summit is an event focusing on Blockchain, AI and Gaming. It's a platform for professionals to connect, explore uses of blockchain & AI and discover trends. This fintech conference will unite 1000+ experts from different industries, 80+ investors, 30+ speakers. Blockchain Dubai Exhibition & Summit includes 3 parts: conference, exhibition and gala dinner.

FinTech Meetup

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Fintech Meetup is going to unite 4000+ leaders from fintech industry. This event provides you with the best opportunity to connect with current clients, partners, and potential prospects, enabling you to accomplish significant milestones. The discussions in Q1 will fuel your entire year ahead!

5 topics of FinTech Meetup:

  • Banking & Payments
  • Lending & Credit
  • Innovation & Transformation
  • Fraud, Identity & Risk
  • Legal, Regulatory & Compliance

MoneyLIVE Summit

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MoneyLIVE Summit — is Europe’s most senior banking and payments event. It brings together 1000+ attendees and 60% of them are from financial institutions. You can expect 1-2-1 meetings, collaborative workshops, and thematic roundtables.

Key topics for 2024 will be:

  • Economic climate
  • Payments innovation
  • Open finance
  • Loaning Methods
  • Accelerating the green transition
  • Digital currencies & CBDCs
  • Future Payments infrastructure
  • The Technology forum
  • Fraud, Digital IDs & AML
  • Next-generation customer experience
  • Building Societies in focus
  • AI & Web3.0

After the event, you can join the official after party, where all the magic of new opportunities, and connections happen.

Merchant Payments Ecosystem

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It`s European #1 merchant payments conference with a narrow focus. MPE is the place where you get inspiration and new ideas on topics such as open banking, instant payments, data economy, and best practices for payments. 3-day event will gather together 1400+ attendees, 160+ speakers, 350+ merchants.

Digital Asset Summit

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Digital Asset Summit is the main crypto conference in Europe. In 2024, it brings together more than 1200+ experts from the blockchain and digital asset space.

What you can expect from DAS London?

  • Panels. Where you can engage in insightful conversations with industry leaders.
  • Regulatory. You will get the latest insights from policymakers and experts
  • Networking

3 days of growing your professional network by connecting with leaders from both traditional finance (TradFi) and the cryptocurrency industry.

Pay360 Conference

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Pay360 Conference is the annual conference and exhibition of The Payments Association. This year it will take place in ExCeL, London, and brings together over 4000+ payment and bank professionals. Pay360 provides unique opportunities for connecting with industry leaders and innovators and participating in debates. The event will have the Start-Up Pavilion, where you can keep your finger on the pulse of emerging technologies that are set to transform the payment landscape. And a few more things that you can find at Pay360 are:

  • 1-2-1 meeting services
  • consultation briefings
  • FinTech pitch live
  • tech tours
  • disruption theater
  • innovative zone
  • Powerpoint free sessions

New York FinTech Week

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It is a series of events including fintech conferences, workshops, hackathons, meetups, and parties in the heart of the financial industry. The main goal of the event is to connect entrepreneurs, domain experts, bank professionals, and the investment community. FinTech experts will share the latest trends, breakthrough innovations, and regulatory developments.

NY Fintech Week in Numbers:

  • Over 5000+ attendees
  • 40+ events
  • 400+ FinTechs
  • 75+ Venture Funds
  • 50+ FinServ Organizations

Blockchain Life

If you want to dive into the world of blockchain, visit Blockchain Life. Here you can get insights from firsthand on the true world of Web3, cryptocurrencies, and mining. The event is a platform where you can meet crypto leaders and potential customers from 120 countries. Blockchain Life provides Official App for smart networking with over 8000+ like-minded professionals. Have a startup, and want to get some attention? Present your project to international crypto/venture funds and investors at Startup Pitch Stage.

Consensus 2024

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Consensus is like the Super Bowl and World Cup in the fintech landscape. It is the world's largest fintech conference for the cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3 community. Consensus is divided into 10 different stages:

  1. Mainstage - its the heart of the conference. Here you can meet the most prominent speakers and influencers.
  2. Money Reimagined Stage - focused on the trends and the future of finance industry. It is home to the Open Finance Summit, State of Crypto Policy Summit and FutureFi.
  3. Protocol Village - it`s a zone for hands-on workshops for learning and skill-building in various crypto applications and technical developments.
  4. Gen C Stage - here you can attend Brand and Creator Summit, Gaming and Immersive Worlds Summit and AI Summit.
  5. Startup Village - heart of innovation and new technologies at this fintech conference. Here Consensus provide a platform for young companies to present groundbreaking ideas, collaborate, and potentially secure investment.
  6. The Town Square - a place for discussions challenging ideas and announcements.
  7. The Gallery - the future of art lives on this stage.
  8. Community Stage - this zone is all about community.
  9. Speaker AMA Stage - a place for more informal conversations and interactions about the forefront of innovations.
  10. Sponsored Sessions Stage - meet prominent industry brands.

Money 20/20

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It is a unique place for networking and business partnerships in financial technology. Here you can meet under one roof industry leaders from HSBC, Morgan Stanley, UBS, ABN Amro, ING, Barclays, and Citi, and 2,300 more big names. The main theme for 2024 is Human X Machine.

What numbers say about Money 20/20:

  • 8,500+ Attendees
  • 2,300+ Attending Companies
  • 390+ Sponsors
  • 100+ Countries Represented
  • 300+ Press Represented Onsite
  • 350+ Speakers

FinTech Devcon

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Fintech Devcon is one of the major fintech networking events that stands out as the paramount gathering for fintech developers and builders. Unlike typical conferences, Fintech Devcon is meticulously crafted to provide an immersive and enriching experience tailored specifically to the needs of developers and builders in the fintech sphere.

Experts will share in-depth knowledge from the latest advancements in blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) to the intricacies of mobile banking and cybersecurity, tried-and-tested methodologies, and real-world solutions.


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With over 70 product demonstrations from startups to established firms, FinovateFall offers the most live fintech demos you'll find anywhere. It is the perfect platform to network face-to-face with the fintech community of 2,000 senior decision-makers, including 1,000+ representatives from banks and financial institutions.

Industry experts will provide an overview of the fintech landscape and financial services, including, digital banking, SMB/SME, ID management, etc.

Also, FinovateFall offers a Leadership Program that grants financial institution executives free access to the event.

RegTech Summit London

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The annual RegTech Summit in London is set to bring together the RegTech ecosystem for a comprehensive exploration of how technology can drive innovation, reduce costs, and support regulatory change in the European capital markets financial industry. With AI-driven technologies revolutionizing compliance, there is immense potential for compliance innovation, productivity gains, and cost efficiencies, making this the opportune moment to invest in the future.

FinTech experts will share insights into tackling the challenges of adopting and implementing RegTech and advancing your RegTech strategy, including the evolution of artificial intelligence for compliance, the regulator's perspective on AI, practicalities of Generative AI and large language models for compliance – risks, challenges, and opportunities, AI-powered communications surveillance, tackling AML and financial crime with RegTech, leveraging RegTech for EMIR Refit, and building flexible and agile reporting platforms to meet future regulatory requirements.

FinTech Events in 2024: Summing Up

So, there you have it — the list of forthcoming top fintech conferences you should consider attending this year. Each event offers unique networking opportunities to interact with industry leaders, discover cutting-edge financial technologies, and gain valuable insights to stay ahead. Whether you're interested in FinTech latest innovations, financial services, Blockchain, RegTech advancements, or the future of finance, these fintech events provide a platform for networking, learning, and driving your business forward.

We're not standing behind the FinTech movement and its trends. TechMagic`s team is going to attend MoneyLIVE Summit in London. Mark your calendar and see you there!

Remember, attending these fintech conferences shows your commitment to staying informed, embracing innovation, and driving your business forward. So, don't hesitate — make your choice and get ready for an enriching experience that can shape your future success.

The future of fintech awaits, and it's up to you to be a part of it. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

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