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Benefits of AWS Solutions for Tech Startups

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Benefits of AWS Solutions for Tech Startups

AWS is a service suite that helps startups build secure and easy-to-maintain tech solutions. Here’s how business managers benefit from adopting AWS for startups.

Amazon Web Services is a powerful suite of computing, database, and content delivery tools that helps startups host their web platforms, reach target audiences, and communicate with clients securely and securely.

In this post, we will explore the benefits of using AWS for startups and share success stories of startups harnessing the platform and technology's power to the fullest extent.

What does AWS offer businesses?

What does AWS offer businesses?

Besides providing startup owners with secure and reliable hosting, database, and customer relationship management infrastructure, AWS offers continuous support and training.

Here is how the launch of AWS changed startups in multiple industries:

Improved customer acquisition

AWS has a robust infrastructure for lead generation and management:

  • Amazon Advertising — a platform for creating custom ads, and launching and tracking promotional campaigns;
  • AWS Marketplace — a data product directory with free and commercial tools that helps businesses build a custom data management infrastructure to fit their needs;
  • Amazon Launchpad — the platform designed to help navigate teams through AWS tools and scale their solutions.


Business managers can establish a powerful presence on the market by participating in the events of the AWS startup program. Here are the opportunities SME owners get to explore:

  • Being featured on the corporate AWS blog as one of the company’s success stories;
  • Speaking at and attending AWS Summits;
  • Participating at AWS re:Invent — one of the biggest yearly tech events, with thousands of attendees.

24/7 support

Since the AWS for business owners is robust and complex, Amazon offers continuous AWS support for startups. SME owners can address questions or concerns via a 24/7 AWS Support service. A startup manager can request a call with company’s software engineers to facilitate team onboarding and AWS management or migration consulting if needed.

Special AWS for startups offers business management tools

AWS prioritizes partnering with innovative business solution developers from all over the world to offer SME owners special AWS pricing for startups. The platform’s users can access special offers for HubSpot, Zendesk, Intuit, Sendgrid, and other CRM, ERP, or marketing management tools.

Personalized feed with tips and advice

AWS is working hard to fuel life-long learning and continuous professional development. The platform helps startup managers keep tabs on the latest industry news, trends, and updates so that you don’t have to spend productive time switching between news websites and blogs.

Scalability opportunities

AWS marketplace offers business owners a pay-as-you-go model, allowing you to expand the infrastructure as active users grow, keeping relevant AWS cost optimization.

On top of that, AWS partner has various tools that help business owners accommodate more users on the website, store larger volumes of user data, and navigate it more efficiently.

Benefits of AWS services For Tech Startups

Benefits of AWS services For Tech Startups

By choosing AWS for startups, tech startup owners discover a wide range of computing, database management, and maintenance tools that improve their web platforms' efficiency, security, and scalability.

Operational efficiency

One of the advantages of Amazon AWS for tech startups is its ability to significantly enhance operating efficiency. AWS provides a versatile toolkit for automating routine tasks, streamlining data access across different devices, and ultimately optimizing operations.

AWS CodeDeploy automates code deployment to a variety of computing services such as Amazon EC2 instances, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Additionally, AWS offers robust data management solutions, including Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift, which enable startups to organize, store, and access data efficiently.

How we built

a BPM app using JavaScript stack and Serverless on AWS

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Server management

Amazon Web Services for startups simplifies the often complex task of server management. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of tools like AWS Migration Hub and AWS Server Migration Service to seamlessly migrate their servers and databases to the cloud.

Moreover, AWS Lightsail offers a user-friendly interface that facilitates the launch and management of private servers. This means that even startups with limited technical expertise can quickly set up and maintain servers.

Task automation

Automation is a cornerstone of modern tech startups, and AWS offers a powerful ally in this endeavor through its CloudFormation service. This tool empowers developers to automatically manage tasks, from cross-region account management to resource scaling and analytics.

Companies can establish predefined templates for their infrastructure, enabling the rapid deployment of resources whenever needed. Whether it's expanding to new locations or optimizing their existing setup, CloudFormation makes it possible with minimal manual intervention.

Collaboration for distributed teams

AWS offers tools that empower remote teams to work effectively, share operational insights, and make data-driven decisions. AWS startups program WorkSpaces, for instance, provides a secure and scalable virtual desktop infrastructure, allowing team members to access their work environments from anywhere with an internet connection.

AWS marketplace provides robust analytics tools, such as Amazon QuickSight, which enable teams to analyze data collaboratively.

Robust knowledge base

The AWS Activate members program offers a wealth of resources and support. Among these resources is a comprehensive and user-friendly knowledge base, replete with step-by-step tutorials on every AWS tool relevant to company owners.

In addition to text-based tutorials, the AWS Knowledge Center boasts a rich library of video tutorials, all thoughtfully subtitled in various languages. AWS partner ensures accessibility for a global audience, making it easier for startup founders and teams to learn and leverage AWS services effectively

Affordable pricing

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Amazon AWS is its commitment to offering cost-effective solutions. AWS Cost Explorer allows startups to gain deep insights into their spending patterns, helping them identify opportunities for cost optimization. With this tool, you can analyze your usage, pinpoint areas of inefficiency, and make informed decisions to cut unnecessary expenses.

Moreover, AWS offers substantial cost-saving opportunities through initiatives like AWS credit for companies. By taking advantage of these credits, business owners can enjoy significant discounts, sometimes up to 70% off, on computing power.

Wide range of tools, including cloud computing

From the inception of a project to its scaling and expansion, AWS offers a comprehensive suite of services to cater to every facet of a startup's journey. Companies can tap into AWS services for development, data management, content delivery, automation, Internet of Things (IoT), and even robotics.

At its core, AWS provides robust cloud computing capabilities. Leverage services like Amazon EC2 for scalable and resizable computing capacity, allowing them to adapt to changing workloads efficiently.

AWS Tech Startups Examples

AWS Tech Startups Examples

AWS startups operate in different domains, both on a small and large scale. To showcase the full power of the platform, we created a list of businesses that used AWS management tools to scale, develop, and maintain their online systems efficiently.


Tink is an API that facilitates financial data gathering. The platform aggregates information from major European banks. The company supports big banks, financial service providers (PayPal, BNP Paribas, and others), and local fintech startups.


Aparavi is an all-in-one data management platform and a promising AWS startups example. The tool allows business owners to run secure cloud backups, recover lost files after ransomware or other attacks, analyse data and scan it for patterns, and ensure storage and processing compliance with legal regulations.

Lemon One

Lemon One is a creative hub that connects brands, people, and commercial photographers, helping companies establish a strong online presence with AWS migration consulting. The startup relies on AWS to build a user-friendly website, ensure secure data storage, and facilitate content delivery.


Hostmaker is a hospitality management startup. Active in six countries and nine cities, the platform gives landlords and investors tools for managing and customizing their properties effortlessly. Other than that, the solution helps connect hosts and prospective tenants. As one of the startups using AWS, Hostmaker is a reliable and scalable platform, giving business owners enough room for growth and development.

Treez — a POS platform for cannabis sellers — helps business owners monitor the supply chain, connect with customers, and manage their products. It’s a complex and ambitious software ecosystem with a rapidly scaling infrastructure and many features. The startup relies on AWS free support to maintain its real-time tracking tool, payment gateway, and large product catalogs. The infrastructure of Amazon Web Services allows business owners to offer cannabis vendors full data transparency and storage security.

AWS Startup Resources

That’s not all we want to share with you. Read the list of top free AWS resources for startups, and don’t hesitate to try and dig into learning new!

Startups Recourses:

  • Business Essentials: videos and articles on different topics from MFA and AWS Budget Alerts to MVP sessions, from roadmap in product success to mastering fundraising term sheet, and much more.
  • Technical Solutions: eBooks and whitepapers about purpose-built databases, MLOps, modern app development, managing data process for ML and building Serverless apps with infrastructure as code, etc.
  • Up-coming & On-demand Events: AWS global summit program, AWS online tech talks and AWS startup loft events.
  • Collections & Serie: videos about cloud platforms for autonomous development, scaling startups with ML team, on-demand testing, and case studies.

What Are the AWS Programs for Startups

  1. Active Founders offers $1,000 in AWS credits, $350 in Developer support credits, pre-built infrastructure templates, and more to self-funded and assisted businesses. Startups must be new to AWS active founders, have an active AWS account, and be more than 10 years old.
  2. AWS Activate Portfolio provides up to $100,000 in AWS activate credits and up to $10,000 in AWS Business support credits for startups connected to venture capital firms, accelerators, incubators, or other startup-enabling organizations. To apply for this program, startups must be less 10 years, have a website, and don’t receive previous AWS credits.

If you are ready to apply for these free-useful AWS startup programs, click here.

How do AWS Credits Work?

How do AWS Credits Work?

AWS credits are essentially a form of promotional currency provided by AWS to eligible customers. These credits can be applied to cover the costs of various services, including computing, storage, databases, analytics, and more. AWS credits are typically offered through programs like AWS Activate for startups, AWS marketplace promotional campaigns, or as part of partnerships with AWS.

Most common scenario in which startups can obtain AWS credits is through the AWS Activate program. To qualify for Active AWS account, meet certain criteria, such as being a new AWS customer, having a valid business plan, and being a member of a startup accelerator, incubator, or venture capital firm partnered with AWS like TechMagic.

How to make the most of AWS credits?

  • Use AWS credits strategically by optimizing your AWS resource usage. AWS provides tools like AWS Cost Explorer to help you analyze and control your spending.
  • Use credits to experiment with new features.
  • As your startup grows, you can use AWS credits to offset the costs of scaling your infrastructure to meet increasing demand.

Once your startup qualifies for AWS credits, redeeming them is a straightforward process:

  1. If you don't already have an AWS account, sign up for one. You'll need this account to access and utilize AWS startup program.
  2. Access the AWS Management Activate Console, navigate to the billing section, and apply your AWS credits. This will allocate the AWS credits to your account balance.
  3. As you use AWS services, your credits will be automatically deducted from your account balance. You can monitor your credit balance and usage through the AWS billing dashboard.

AWS Startups Solution with TechMagic

If you want to create and host a scalable web platform on AWS, reaching out to professional tech specialists who can design a reliable architecture is highly reasonable. TechMagic is the official AWS development and consulting company and our developers are skilled in implementing AWS services — including Lambda, Dynamo, API Gateway.

Here’s how our tech specialists help SME owners make the most out of AWS:

  • Architecture setup — configuring an AWS EC2 architecture or building a hybrid cloud model combined with on-premise servers;
  • CI/CD implementation — using AWS tools to deploy continuous integration and delivery practices;
  • Strengthening the platform’s security using AWS — helping business owners make the most out of data protection tools like AWS WAF, Shield, Cognito, and others.

Interested to learn more about TechMagic?

Contact us

To create a secure and scalable AWS infrastructure for your project, contact TechMagic - AWS partner. Leave us a message, and we will help your startup leverage the complete power of Amazon Web Services.


  1. Is AWS good for startups?

    Yes, Amazon Cloud services provide an end-to-end, cutting-edge solution for startups at a meager cost. You can easily start with a fully managed virtual server, then scale the service by adding more memory, VPS\'s, storage, and database as needed.

  2. Why do startups choose AWS?

    Amazon Web Service is the most comprehensive cloud platform, with over 200 fully featured services from data centers worldwide. Cloud computing, such as AWS, allows you to start for free and then scale up for $0 upfront and a very tiny amount dependent on utilization - if you don't use it, you don't pay. AWS handles everything from purchasing hardware (servers, network switches, routers) to system management, patching, upgrading, and responding to disk and other hardware problems.)

  3. Can a small business use AWS?

    Absolutely. It’s easy for a small business to start with Amazon Web Services. Small companies can run their business from the cloud, have flexible data storage, low-cost infrastructure migration, backend security, and boost mobile-friendly apps. AWS allows users to build a scalable infrastructure without worrying about the technical aspects of the cloud infrastructure.

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